Ergonomic Assessments

Make your day more comfortable

Ergonomics Assessments are our specialty – our consultants offer a wide range of Ergonomic services to meet your safety requirements across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Did you know that manual tasks contribute to more than 50% of injuries across the majority of industry sectors? For this reason, Momentum believe that it’s a vital area to address. As standard with all of our Ergonomic Assessments – Momentum Safety and Ergonomics will provide a list of practical and helpful recommendations to help you reduce injury risk in your workplace.

Our recommendations DO NOT typically involve the purchase of new equipment – potentially saving you a lot of money otherwise spent on expensive equipment replacements. Momentum believes that the majority of workers already have adequate equipment – they just need a little guidance on how to use it correctly.

Our recommendations will typically include:

The use and adjustment of workplace equipment e.g. chairs and desks Computer Assessments e.g. screen positioning and glare reduction
Simple and practical expert advice e.g. Checklists Training opportunities available for your staff

We offer a complete service – Ergonomics Assessments can be combined as part of a manual task training package. To find out more about our services, please call us on 0413 117 079.

We also offer a free workstation ergonomic checklist – this is available on our resources page.