Whether we admit it or not I think most of us make some type of new years resolution. It always seems like such a good time to do this – new starts and all. I certainly do, and I guess this blog post represents one. One problem is that most of us don’t really keep to these (at times) lofty resolutions. Evidence says that on average we give up on them between the 24th and 28th of January! So not too long.

Getting our WHS system in order is no different and the start of the year is an excellent time to make some plans for what we need to get done. I suggest sitting down and developing a simple health and safety plan for 2016. Make it achievable. and measurable. I wont repeat the mantra of SMART goals but it is relevant in this situation.

Developing a WHS Plan is simple, but important. Not only is it required by the various standards that our systems are certified against (AS 4801, ISO 9001, ISO 14001) but sets out a basic strategy and targets for these strategies. Once developed it should be reviewed at all relevant health and safety meetings (either management or committee). My approach is to use the broad categories of your workplace health and safety management system and to categorise the goals under these. If you have an integrated management system (including quality or environment) you can combine your WHS plans with these or have separate plans for each.

If you have not done this before refer to our resources page for template to get you started. It has some basic sections with some examples that will guide you in setting up the plan.

Remember if you are looking for advice on how and what to do please contact us.